About Me

Here it is: I’m a shy introvert from a small town in Missouri, USA.
Fate decided several years ago to turn me, with my overwhelming social anxieties, into a world traveler.
So here I am, an American expat, married to a Turkish man, and living in the Netherlands.

Despite my traveling, though, I haven’t grown as much as I probably should have. I’ve spent too long sitting with the belief that I should wait to take action until I have everything figured out. This led me to miss out on a lot of opportunities. And life, with each year seeming shorter than the last, is just too fleeting and packed with opportunities for such nonsense!

So here, I will be taking action by pursuing something which I love and fear— writing.
Writing about the journey and joy of daily learning. Perhaps about life as an American expat living in the Netherlands. And maybe about my creation of a fictional world, which may prove to be too complicated for my imagination to bring into complete existence.

I’ll be starting messily, and with no certainty for what this will become in the long term.
From a place of massive imperfection and burning fears.
But is that not a great place to start?
The leap from one’s comfort zone.
No more waiting for fears to just impossibly evaporate.
In the end, the best we can do is try. And that, I shall do!

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”

Charles Bukowski