Keeping a TIL Journal in Notion

The TIL (Today I Learned) Journal is a project I started at the start of 2021. Every single day, I learn at least 1 new thing, and record it in the journal. And I figured out how to share this with others!  I’ve created a free template in Notion for people to view, duplicate, and make their own.  Here, I…

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TIL Journal: Remembering Life

We all like to believe that we’ll naturally remember what’s important to us. “That brilliant idea that came to me in the middle of the night? No need to take notes. I’ll remember it in the morning.”“That mistake I made again? Surely I’ll remember and know better next time.”“And I’ll definitely not forget that inspiring, life-changing TED Talk by tomorrow.”…

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The Homebody Expat: Part III

Unlike my little hometown, Istanbul would not wake me to the sound of sweet birdsong and soft breezes through trees. On the contrary… From our windows came the calls of jackdaws: a clever sort of bird, black and gray with pale blue eyes. Once they discovered that I would leave out leftover bread outside the kitchen window, they would call…

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The Homebody Expat: Part II

“Close your eyes, tap your heels together three times, and think to yourself, ‘there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.’” I would stay in Turkey to visit my partner and his family for three months. Three months in a massive, crowded, noisy city which sharply contrasted from the quiet, sheltered life I’d grown up in and loved.Three…

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The Homebody Expat: Part I

The Step Out the Door “The Ozarks is where I belong.” This wasn’t a declaration of pride, but rather a simple, subconscious inner agreement that I was satisfied where I was: in my small hometown, where things felt familiar, predictable. As an introvert with high levels of social anxiety, these were desirable qualities. I wanted peace and comfort; not adventure…

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The Sentimental Expat: Obsession with Memories

When a Homebody Becomes an Expat When I saw that orange box of Arm&Hammer baking soda in the aisle, I must have perplexed the customers around me as I suppressed a scream of excitement and ran to it, eyes glittering. This, strangely enough, was a reminder of my homeland.This was an unexpected part of me becoming an expat. Not all…

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Remembering What I’ve Learned with the TIL Journal

First of all, not everything I learn is transformative, and some things aren’t even worth the extra effort to revisit. But within this daily journey of learning, there is still plenty worth the extra thought. And for the things I want to fully know and use in life, there are a couple methods I use to make sure they get…

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How I Keep Daily TIL Journaling Easy

I have a long history of failed habit attempts. But when it comes to my “Today I Learned” Journal, I’ve kept it consistent for the past 9.5 months, without missing a day! The difference between my failed habits and this one?I’m giving myself easy options. Why Make it Easier? Let’s look at some things that make keeping a habit difficult:…

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Why I Created the TIL Journal

The TIL (Today I Learned) Journal: Learn something new every day. Don’t worry if it’s an embarrassing question to ask. It doesn’t matter if it’s something you should have known years ago.Just learn it, and write it down.  Why I Started I began my daily practice of TIL journaling as a way to confront my fear of failure. And for me, ignorance…

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